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ignou bshf-101 study material

Humanities and Social Sciences are disciplines which supply us the methodology to know social reality. They also
contribute towards analysing the future course of human development. It is by taking note of this role of these
disciplines that the Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences (BSHF-101) has been introduced as a
compulsory course for the Bachelor’s Degree.
ignou bshf-101 study material course is aimed toward offering a basic notion of most of the social, economic, political, cultural and other related humanistic problems. We have revised the course to include changing social structures and developments like the postindustrial society and the process of India’s integration with the globalised world. In certain fields the perspective is based on a world view of the various problems like apartheid, peace and conflict, ecology, pollution, etc. Yet, within this framework the most concern remains the look for our own past, an analysis of our present, and mankind’s plan for the future. Thus, our unique struggle against colonialism, cultural renaissance, etc., are the themes associated with social transformation and national integration. An attempt has also been made to familiarize you with the process of economic planning in India. This takes under consideration the strategies adapted and therefore the problems associated with economic development and growth.

ignou bshf-101 study material




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