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Free ignou FST-1 study material with full explain of ignou FST-1 book. If you are looking for Download ignou FST-1 block the you are right place for FST-1 book/block. FST-1 Foundation Course in Science and Technology study material/book/block.

ignou FST-1 study material

In the first few units of this course, we trace the history of science from very past to the fashionable period. We then
describe the interaction between science and society – the way science has grown especially socio-economic conditions and, in turn, how it has influenced changes in the society. We explain the special nature of knowledge domain , as also the scientific method. ignou FST-1 study material units that follow affect the planet we sleep in , how it came into being, how life came into existence, the resources we’ve and our environmental concerns. We then continue to look at how science and technology can help us to unravel a number of the issues that we face in India like those of food, agriculture, health, etc. The study of the human mind and social behaviour will then be haunted along side the crucial role that information and communication play in the present day world. We will also explore the potentialities of modern scientific and technological developments.

We will sum up by describing the role of science and technology in national development, especially within the Indian context. In other words, this course attempts to form you conscious of what science is and what it can do; how it’s always been an integral part of human life and endeavour and its immense potential in solving our problems.

ignou fst-1 study material




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